With an eye for the past but a finger on the pulse of the modern jewelry landscape, we scour the globe to bring you only the most exquisite, rare, and unusual specimens of the jeweled arts. We live for the thrill of the hunt, uncovering the history behind each treasure we find, and bringing new life to pieces that have been hidden sometimes for centuries. Browse our collection of old cut diamonds, fine gems, antique jewelry, and Jogani original designs here.

Jogani is a dealer in the jeweled arts, specializing in highly curated old cuts and rare jewels. With a focus on antique stones, we buy and sell old mine cuts, step cuts, and interesting unusual shaped diamonds, as well as top quality antique and old mine cut rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. We also collect and sell a highly curated selection of antique jewelry, with a preference for unique, finely crafted pieces from the Renaissance to Art Deco periods. For inquiries about selling, please contact us here.